Mattel Hot Wheels 5 Cars ICandy, Wild, Hot seat, Twin Mill, Road Rocket

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General Description: Mattel Hot Wheels 5 Cars I Candy, Wild Thing, Hot seat, Twin Mill II, Road Rocket

047 I Candy 2002/2001, green and purple
018 Wild Thing, 2002, red
118 Hot Seat, 2002/1997, gold
860 Road Rocket, 1997/1995, white and black
092 Twin Mill II He-man,2002/1993, white and gold
Good condition

Item Condition:

Pre-owned, Damaged packages. Some cars have different date than what is on the packages.

Brand: Hot Wheels

Manufacturer: Mattel

Size: 1:64 scale

Year: 1996-1999

Material: Metal and plastic


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