Hurricane Jack Surplus is a small family-owned business based in central Minnesota. Since 2012, we've made it our goal to provide our customers with unique, pre-owned products, many of which are rare or no longer being manufactured.

About Our Products

We sell carefully selected new and used toys, games, collectibles, and others. Each item is inspected for quality and cleanliness, taking into consideration smells, stains, tears, and cracks. We live in a smoke-free environment, and any items we obtain that have a smell are cleaned and kept separate until the odor is gone.

Note: We have pets that are not allowed near the products. Since we do not know their previous owners, we cannot guarantee they are from pet-free homes.

Why So Many Stuffed Animals?!

Many of the items we come across are plush that have been tossed aside, for one reason or another, that are in otherwise excellent condition.

Our Guarantee To You, The Customer

We take pride in our handling of the products and in making sure they are packaged well. We assure customer satisfaction and hope you take time to discover the variety we have to offer.

Keep checking back for new products and product categories as most of the items we sell are one of a kind.

Happy Shopping!

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